Who we are

This website is owned by EM Radiation Research Trust, who are a registered charity aiming to provide facts about electromagnetic radiation and the adverse risks  it has on our health and the environment. Registered No. 1106304

We exist to inform the public of the scientific evidence demonstrating the potential damage of electromagnetic radiation exposure including 5G. 

Our aim with this campaign is to debunk the myths surrounding 5G that the media are spreading. We believe that the scientific facts should be spoken about too, so that you can come to a rational decision about 5G yourself. 

The UK population has never been informed about the thousands of peer-reviewed scientific papers that show the health hazards and environmental damage caused by electromagnetic radiation. The rollout of 5G will only make this worse.

5G will massively increase the microwave and millimeter wave radiation in our environment. It will also use new frequencies that are not evaluated by experts independent from industry as to their safety.

We are not opposed to technology & innovation, we are opposed to untested tech.

5G should not be rolled out until independent and credible research is conducted to establish it is safe!