NEW BOOK “The Microwave Delusion” by Brian Stein CBE and co-writer Jonathan Mantle.

Brian is the Chairman for the UK Charity the EM Radiation Research Trust and Trustee for Electrosensitivity-UK. He was the former CEO of Samworth Brothers.

He recently published his new book called “The Microwave Delusion” – The diary of an Electrosensitive.

‘The Microwave Delusion’ tells how one highly successful UK business leader’s experience of the damaging health effects of microwave radiation has become part of an international campaign to hold the mobile phone industry to account for its defective safety practices.

This book charts industry and government collusion versus the rise of independent science, leading to campaigns and legal judgements in many countries. It proposes that the roll out of 5G in its present form endangers hundreds of millions of people of all ages. As one independent scientist says: ‘We are taking risks that no rational society on earth should take.’

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