June 16, 2021: 4th World Electrosensitivity Day

On June 16th 2021, it is the 4th Annual Electrosensitivity Day.

A French organisation called Cœurs d’EHS will be organising the day. They have said:

“The principle remains the same as in previous years, but this year I am counting on you to organize actions in the field and to inform (as soon as possible) the local media.

I propose you to do the following according to your situation and your possibilities

  • Show your support to this cause
  • Make the invisible visible
  • Inform about electrosensitivity
  • Inform about the health risks generated by electro-smog
  • Inform about the solutions of electromagnetic hygiene and protection

…locally, near you, in the way you want !”

Read more about the event and how you can participate here.